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Delivering proven Demand Generation / Digital Marketing expertise.

Industry:  Direct-to-Consumer eCommerce.

Business Challenge:  With more brick-and-mortar retailers shuttering stores, on top of intense competition from Amazon, Jet and other online retailers, the Company needed to expand distribution and attract a new and broader client base to drive its high-margin men’s suit business.

Solution:  The Company launched a new men’s suit line with innovative fabrics and technology, becoming the first to offer a truly machine washable, high-quality, tailored suit.  Using this unique product attribute and differentiation as the core-marketing message, the Company successfully launched an aggressive, multi-channel marketing and demand generation digital campaign.  Tactics included banner ads, social media, media relations, HTML mailers, website promotions, videosinfluencers, affiliates, Google shopping, PPC, remarketing, and retargeting programs.  Within the first six weeks of their campaign, the Company saw a solid 36% boost in suit sales, double-digit increase in average order value, website traffic, conversions and a triple-digit increase in new customer acquisition showcased by the growth of its loyalty program opt-in subscribers. 


Industry:  Ridesharing Services.

Business Challenge:  The Company needed to increase awareness to generate new bookings as it was expanded its footprint and added services in a hyper-competitive marketplace.

The Solution:  An aggressive digital integrated demand generation campaign was launched utilizing print and electronic ads, direct response mailers, multi-channel social media, affiliates, discount deal sites, influencer marketing, mobile user acquisition, PRblogs and media relations.  The campaign focused on the value of planning ahead and booking a designated driver featuring a special introductory rate.  As a result of the campaign, the Company generated more than 100 percent increase in mobile app downloads, new customer registrations and successful conversions to eCommerce bookings and had to aggressively hire more drivers to keep up with demand.


Industry:  Direct-to-Consumer eCommerce. 

Business Challenge:  The Company was late in launching its Spring/Summer collection and the competition had already launched several weeks prior. To compound matters, its website traffic, AOV and conversions had fallen to their lowest levels in the past six-months.

Solution:  The Company launched a two-week pre-season sale to create buzz for its new collection.  Using an aggressive, multi-channel marketing and demand generation digital campaign, the Company ran banner adssocial media, media relations, HTML mailers, lookbooks, website promotions, videos, blogs, influencer and affiliate campaigns, Google shopping, PPC, remarketing, and retargeting programs.  As a result of this campaign, the Company realized record sales, traffic and conversions for the month, increased its AOV three-fold, and achieved a triple-digit increase in new customer acquisitions, showcased by the growth of its opt-in email subscribers, as well as social media followers and engagement.


Industry:  Global Cloud Software.

Business Challenge:  In order to grow its business model, the Company needed to globally recruit traditional hardware resellers, and convince them of the value to start to sell and distribute cloud software and subscription services.

The Solution:  The Company designed an integrated demand generation campaign which educated resellers on the 8 steps to building a profitable cloud business practice.  The digital marketing campaign consisted of a blog series and webinar, which were promoted through an aggressive social media campaign, banner ads, infographic, retargeting, PPC, direct response, speaking opportunities, roadshows, media relations and promotions.  As a result of the campaign, the company was able to significantly boost its global cloud reseller base.