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Proven expertise in Branding / Strategy.

Industry:  Direct-to-Consumer eCommerce.

Business Challenge:
  With intense competition from Amazon, as well as other online retailers, it was quickly becoming a race to the bottom on deep discounting and low margin sales.   The Company needed to create a new way to transform its eCommerce businesses from being entirely dependent on promotions to drive sales, and find an innovative way to create an addicted, amplified and loyal, full-price customer base.

  The Company designed and developed a fully integrated in-store and online loyalty program, to reward consumers by giving them an amazing customer experience through significant personalization.  Research showed that consumers are willing to pay more and tend to be less price sensitive when they feel a brand truly understands, rewards and represents them.  By using significant personalization and digital marketing tools, the new program rewarded consumers with special incentives, cash-back and personalized offers they could not find anywhere else, while making the Company’s eCommerce websites and brick and mortar stores their primary shopping destination.   The program initially launched encompassing five eCommerce brands: Perry Ellis, Original Penguin, Peony&Me, Laundry by Shelli Segal and Cubavera.

Industry:  Ridesharing Services.

Business Challenge:  The Company needed to create an iOS and Android app that was simple yet intuitive for consumers to easily navigate as well as purchase services. 

The Solution:  Extensive competitive app research along with mobile user experience design and testing was conducted.  This enabled the Company to effectively test potential flows with real users to see what worked as well as catch and fix problems early on, before they finalized design and coding.  By using quantitative and qualitative data they were able to optimize the design and create the ultimate user experience to boost engagement and e-Commerce sales.

:  Marketing and Sales Automation.

Business Challenge:  The Company needed a new name, messaging, value proposition and brand identity to better reflect the unique attributes of its' product as it expanded outside the automotive vertical into the crowded and highly competitive enterprise marketplace.

The Solution:  In less than two months, a new Company name and logo, value proposition, messaging and brand identity was rolled-out.  This included a new search-engine optimized, permission-based marketing website, social media channels and a series of comprehensive multifaceted, multi-touch demand generation and engagement marketing campaigns.  New materials to support the campaigns included collateral, case studies, infographics, white papers, mailers, PR, SEO, SEM, blogs, videos, trade show booths, presentations and advertising.  As a result of these efforts, the Company increased market awareness, built a new business pipeline and scaled more than 400% within six months.

Industry:  Fintech.

Business Challenge:  The Fintech marketplace was undergoing a major transformation and market disruption as next generation firms were emerging with new technology, self-service operations and highly competitive products and services. The Company was struggling to compete and innovate and knew it needed to recreate itself as well as transition to a lower cost sales and marketing acquisition model.   

The Solution:  In less than six months, a new company name and logo, value proposition, product and service offering, messaging, brand identity and go-to-market sales and marketing model was rolled-out.  This included a new search-engine optimized, permission-based marketing website, social media channels and a series of comprehensive multifaceted, multi-touch demand generation and engagement marketing campaigns.  New materials to support the campaigns included collateral, case studies, white papers, mailers, PR, SEO, SEM, blogs, videos, social media, presentations and advertising.  To automate and qualify leads generated from the campaigns, a 24x7x365 white glove contact center and lead qualification team was hired, trained and deployed.   As a result of these efforts, the Company increased market awareness, quickly achieved SEO traction, built a new business pipeline, began to win competitive deals and significantly reduced operations, sales and marketing costs.

Industry:  Internet Security.

Business Challenge:  Despite being one of the oldest and most respected companies in the Internet security business, this venture capital-backed start-up had never invested in marketing and remained relatively unknown.  As a high growth sector, this market attracted several billion-dollar, publicly-traded companies.  To survive in this increasingly competitive environment, the Company needed to invest in a formal sales and marketing program.

The Solution:  Within six months, implemented a new branding and messaging platform. Launched a new go-to-market strategy and plan.  Reflected new branding and messaging in overhauled Website and authored all new collateral including a corporate brochure, service datasheets, white papers, case studies, infographics, press releases, blogs, social media, online and print advertising, market studies/attack reports, threat advisories, recruitment brochure, competitive sales tools and presentations. Materials were used to drive demand generation, increase market share, build a new business pipeline, and lay the foundation for 100% growth within a calendar year.

Industry:  Healthcare Information Technology - software, hardware and consulting.

Business Challenge:
  The venture capital-backed start-up had never invested in marketing. To be more competitive, the Company needed to move from an R&D heritage into a commercially focused sales and marketing driven organization.

The Solution:  Created new messaging, positioning and value propositions. Launched a new go-to-market strategy and plan. Produced corporate brochure, product datasheets, white papers, case studies, Website, demos, presentations, advertisingdirect response and sales support tools. Within 12 months, the Company had a pipeline four times current revenue targets and began winning a seat in highly-competitive deals alongside the billion-dollar industry leaders.

Industry:  Oil and Gas - software, hardware, consulting and outsourcing.

Business Challenge:
  The Company had undergone a series of acquisitions to diversify and expand its software and services portfolio.  Each acquired company had a separate brand, image and identity.  A new unified brand image was required.    

The Solution:  New messaging, positioning and an updated value proposition was created as part of the enhanced go-to-market strategy. To launch the program an integrated branding campaign was implemented which included advertising, corporate brochure, product datasheetscase studies, customer newsletters, e-marketing, white papers, product packaging, Website, events and sales support tools. Customers, prospects and analysts responded positively and sales increased from US$125 million to more than US$250 million in less than two years. 


Industry:  e-Business Consultancy - strategy, consulting, creative, branding, demand generation and systems integration.

Business Challenge:
  To leverage the rapid growth within the Internet industry the Company needed to transform itself from a 10-year old regional systems integrator into a reputable player in the ultra-competitive Internet services sector. 

The Solution:  A multi-channel branding and demand generation campaign was launched to communicate the new positioning around a revolutionary new concept of building e-Relationships to differentiate an e-Business. The campaign included advertising, media and analyst tours, multi-dimensional direct mail, multi-city seminars, corporate brochure, service datasheets, e-marketing and sales support tools. As a result of the campaign, sales increased from US$32 to more than US$52 million within 12 months.

Industry:  Healthcare Information Technology - software, hardware, consulting, outsourcing and data centers.

Business Challenge:
  The Company needed to differentiate itself from the larger and more established competition as part of its goal to capture market share and become profitable.  

The Solution:  After drastically realigning spend and developing new positioning and messaging, a multi-channel branding campaign was launched. Elements included corporate brochure, case studies, product datasheets, white papers, advertising, direct response, Website, e-marketing, newsletters, events and sales support tools.  Within 12 months, the Company became profitable, achieved 24% revenue growth and net income of US$485,000 versus a US$32 million loss the previous year.  

Industry:  Global Management Consulting, Technology Services and Outsourcing.

Business Challenge:
  The European  Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) firm had virtually no stand-alone clients in North America (NA). The Company needed a plan, strategy and tactical launch to enter the highly-competitive NA  BPO market. 

The Solution:   A new strategy, messaging, positioning and go-to-market plan was developed. The program was launched with a multi-channel branding campaign which included advertising, service brochures, white papers, sales support tools, media and analyst tours, direct response, e-marketing and events. Within 12 months, the Company began winning competitive deals and built a 1.3 billion NA pipeline.